Filter Rental System

Water Filter for your clean water

Water Filter Type

Water Filter 3 Stage

Installed at the undersink cabinet and used for washing dishesSediment 150g is replaced once a month, pre carbon filter once every 2 months, post carbon filter once every 6 months

Water Filter 2 Stage

Installed at the bathroom shower or bathtub using 150gsediment filter and carbon filter

Water Filter 1 Stage

Installed at the washing machine or wastafel using 150g sediment filter

Drinking Water System

RO Drinking Water System

With a water purification capacity of 500GPD, which is larger than the 50GPD for general household use, constant water pressure will be maintained without the need for a separate water tank.

Hot & Cold Drinking Water System

The faucet will be installed on the sink, making it easier to wash vegetables and fruits and make use as cooking water. You can drink water with a pH of 8.0 or higher as hot or cold water from a dispenser type water purifier imported from Korea.

Package Drinking Water System

This package include RO drinking water system 500 gpd and hot & cold drinking water system which is makes the water cleaner and safe for drinking

Work documentation

Installation Water drinking System for Residential