Pest Control

Pest Control

We provide the best pest prevention solution by combining chemicals and methods suitable for the situation through on site inspection

Why Hi-Home Service ?

Professional Team

Our team is trained and has maximum attribute and cleanliness standards


Hi-home always provides complete and advanced tools to support our team performance.


Provides perfect work results, because it is accompanied by a careful coordinator

Pets Control Service

Basic Protection

  • The drugs used have been carefully selected to disinfect vapors internally and externally to control pests.
  • Warehouse protection of raw materials and finished products.
  • Routine protection and disinfection of offices, restaurants and factories.

Pest Control

  • Helps prevent damage to factory facilities and products caused by pests such as rats.
  • Extermination and habitat destruction are carried out using specialized traps with appropriately selected drugs.

Insect Extermination

  • Installation of insect repellent devices such as catch lights used outside the factory to restrict the entry of insects into the inner area.
  • Provide basic pest control solutions, such as preventive measures by screening and installing insect traps.

Specialized Protection

  • Tracking the habitats and breeding cycles of pests that can cause major damage to production facilities, such as termites in wood chips.
  • Installation and operation with specialized equipment to prevent the movement and spread of pest habitats.