Hydro Vacuum Cleaning

Hydro Vacuum Service

This service effectively removes dust, fleas, and bed bug on fabric products such as mattresses, carpets, and sofas. By using Canada imported equipments and Korea imported chemicals, we certify our customers with quality and safety.

What are the dangers of a dirty mattress?

Dirty mattresses can become a mite nest that results in allergies in the body or a decrease in the quality of one's sleep, Basically, what causes itching on the skin is mite feces, not mites. But still the existence of mites is dangerous.

High Quality Equipment We Use

Clean the mattress at least every 3 months to reduce dust, then do a complete cleaning with a mattress cleaning service. Vacum aims to rid the mattress of dust, bugs and mites with the world's best and most advanced Hydro Vacuum machine. The vacuum equipment we use is imported from Canada and our services include sterilization using a UV light and disinfectant as well as free korean spray for bugs

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